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Sergei Nazarov's Revelation Movie

Article of the editor-in-chief of RUN and INFINITE magazines Vladimir Hokhlev in the weekly review of the Russian-speaking press in the Kontinent newspaper (Chicago) of 10.05.2013

The New Testament in the movie of Nazarov

Author: Oleg Chernayev

Divination seems to be a Middle Age heresy in the present time of the victorious materialism; though, in the ancient times people didn’t feel embarrassed to ask about their heaven-born future. Prophets appeared stately despite the fact it was a dangerous “job”. For instance, in 8th century B.C. prophets became a social group of high importance, on-of-a-kind “against” people in Palestine. They fought for social justice and opposed themselves against authorities and vates who sank into compromises.

As Gustavus Young said, “Prophets are not pleasant people because they say tell us truth”. And the most significant thing is that no researcher-materialist doesn’t contradict the huge influence of prophrts-fighters on the very History. It goes on, forming from people’s deeds whose nature is the same for centuries. Is this the reason why ratings of so-called “civilized” prophets, who call themselves “experts” and “analysts”, are always high? However, today they risk only their fees when History blows off their fig leaves of divinations like a hurricane. The price, though, is appropriate to the divinations. Sometimes people laugh at the heard divinations because of its oddity. For example, it goes to Vanga’s words concerning the submarine “Kursk”  drawing.  Coming true, the divinations like sprouts which break through the pavement of the common truth and send us secret signs. But few notice this signs. Needless to say to think them over and believe in. Quotations in Russian nation’s name were last but one case. The last one was the word from one of the very Russians. And people heard the divination where nobody expected – in the movie. The incredible fact can’t be ignored and this is the topic of my story.

So, let’s go back to the hot summer 2009, Saint-Petersburg. A freelance journalist Sergey Nazarov (personal site – writes an article about the latest outrageous situation of Russian authorities. This time he stops like bumping into a wall. Having suffered a while, for the first time he called the editor-in-chief of the publication and apologized. “Take it easy, old fella! I’ll be in Egypt for some time, so, relax. Better go with me!” He denied the trip due to the health grounds and had no time to relax. “I’ve never been interested in the Pyramids, - says Sergey, -  but suddenly I was inspired by them. I examined a lot of documents about the end of so called Ancient Egyptian Empire. Some images started coming out of my mind… like frames of the movie”. Stopped Nazarov to write the article. And started to write a script. Thoroughly, amusing self education both in history and movie. The easiest thing was the plot. Though the centuries  life hasn’t changed except for the stylistics. Moreover, for the worse. One should agree that it’d be more beautiful to listen to this on the television: “ Today our President, for whose great mercy we breathe, commanded to replace the patron of the traffic police. In order to reduce the accident rate and insurance losses!" Studing the materials and picturies, Nazarov thought of the strangeness: before Cheops time the pyramids were built of roughly hewn stones and all of a sudden… On the whole, the author ask not to call him the founder of the so-called alternative historiography. Moreover, that he graduated the theoretical physics department! Nevertheless, the last fact and his experience of working as a civil engineer made it possible for him to objectively admit that in fact inexplicable "jump" to the heavy-duty stone processing technology disrupts the progress. The picture of a cubical-shaped cut is represented on the site of the movie ( from the digging of that times. No, now people are able to do like that with the help of plazma cutting. It’s not accidently that bewildered acient Greeks would be good-for-everything to find the secret technology after a couple of thousand years of the date givin the Pyramids “in operation” – but in vain. Their historian Herodotus was the first to think about the fact that the carved (?) Egyptian hieroglyphics obviously conceal something. Well, apart from the rampant corruption, the outrage of law enforcement, the humiliation and drunkenness of the nation. And Nazarov was the first to array clearly the logical explanation of these facts in the form of a movie script: if your life is misirible, you’ll be given the "exorbitant" technology only by someone else. With an unclear purpose, but visible results. In Russia a computer regulates the line to an official. Though, infinite as usual. A digital camera quickly and cheaply makes a film, and the Internet quickly spreads offences of believers around the world. And no one who drawn in Kursk submarine didn’t received a warning call on his mobile phone. By the way, the latter will be seen in the movie. Do we need this progress without possible communication? Will the sick and tired Egyptians go with the cell phones to overthrow the Pharaon. Here everything is like in the history. The author registered his work at the notary 25/01/2010 only to protect his rights. He thought so that time. And then he listened to "producer" mocking laughter for a long time. "Will a revolution happen in your country soon?" - asked a columnist of "Neva time" ironically Amar Musa, the Chairman of Arab League, who came to Saint-Petersburg in August 2011.

“Definitely not in the next few years. Our country is stable.” - replied the Egyptian politician confidently.

But 25.01.2011 came… After seeing a report from the Tahrir Square, Nazarov rushed to count a chance of the rondom coincidence. 365 days multiply by 240 countries ... and how many years should be considered as “recent”? Even if we take only five, it turns to two in a million! Only God knows how many scripts are written in the world, but thanks to the Internet you can check - there was no such "coincidences." Neither since the time of Lumiere brothers, nor in art in general. The revolution in Egypt was accomplished according to the script of Nazarov - day-to-day and with the exact details. How the author was able to foresee the images of the date revolution exactly one year before the beginning? He believes that this is nothing but ... the truth. As a playwrighter, I saw a definite super-task enclosed in a full of satire and grotesque script - "This is not life!". Yes, there’s a lot of logical works but the theory of chances prevents them of this coincidence, join realities of the high antiquty and the modern life, like to pierce the time and scratch off the beautiful veneer that hides the  millennial "pyramids" of the Evil that lead under the cover of lies  to the decline and degradation. It’s not accidentally that this film sends to the ancient times, long before even the first Prophets. It let us to see the main thing that join all the people whatever they call God. By the way, still revered prophets differed from their contemporaries by the fact that they predicted not by "order" but from the heart. So, Nazarov wasn’t initially connected with films. And a lot of well-knon people rushed to help him free of charge after having lost themselves for a couple of hours into reading the script. Moreover, prophets have always suffered. So, Sergey was in hospital when the cell phone rang and he was demanded to  pull the needle from the dropper and go to the Palace "Ukraine" for the annual award for the best feature film script." And Sergey set off there despite the doctors’ prohibition. Now he strongly believes that his aim here is to explain something very important to people. And people who have been to Egypt often ask him “What happened to the black earth?”

Screen version of the film has already started. Thi’s the unique case when people started shooting for the sake of something that has been born once upon a time but gone deeply in the art – The Man. Man. It is a pity that the filmmakers kindly allowed me to watch their work with the condition not to reveal secrets before the premiere. I’d only say that I see the second meaning of Nazarov’s Testament precisely right in front of my eyes. And I should admit that I always tremble when I open the script which was signed and presented to me by the author. And I don’t mean the text – what I see in the ordinary life. In which people violate Nazarov’s copyrights more and more. And he only loughs. Maybe because of the fact that the notary laced each sheet. Maybe, because he’s shooting a comedy.

But ... very black.


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